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The Toledo's Leader in Pressure Washing Services

Toledo pressure washing

Aqua Blast Pressure Washing is the pressure washing professional to trust for service in the Toledo, OH area. We're local to the area and are highly skilled in a wide variety of residential pressure washing specialties including gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, driveway cleaning, and more.

In addition to pressure washing, local homeowners in Toledo can depend on our expertise in landscaping and lawn care maintenance, as well as a variety of other specialized services.

We make it easy to set up a free quote using our online request form. We'll be happy to contact you back as soon as possible to make an appointment. Or, if you prefer, just give us a call directly to get your questions answered or to set up an appointment.

Pressure Washing for Your Toledo Home

When we're finished with the pressure washing for your Toledo home, you'll be absolutely amazed at the difference that we could make. Whether we're providing a gentle roof cleaning or a high quality concrete cleaning, we're able to give you the beautiful look you want for your home.

The sidewalks and driveways of homes in the Toledo area tend to accumulate a lot of grime, grease, and dirt over time. Algae can also be a big problem that makes these surfaces green, dark, and slippery.

With the help of our expert local pressure washing professional, these issues will not take over the surfaces of your home again anytime soon.

Don't let your driveways and sidewalks bring the overall safety of your property or value of your home down. Contact us by phone today instead, and let us help you keep them in a clean condition.

Roof Cleaning

It might look like your roof shingles are weathered, aged, and too far gone, yet it could just be the buildup of grime and algae causing the discoloration – all things that do tend to happen over time here in our area of Florida, because of our climate. Yet many times, you won't have to worry about anything but getting a professional roof cleaning.

If your roof has become unsightly in any way, let us take a look and then offer you an estimate. Our pressure washing pros will use the right techniques that gently clean the roof shingles to make them look fantastic again.

Paver Cleaning and Sealing

Paver patios and other areas can get mossy, algae ridden, and stained if given enough time. It's a lot like how a concrete statue with patina after the weather has taken enough time to change the appearance of the concrete – yet on pavers it just turns out to be unsightly and slippery. If it's time to clean your paver patio, pool deck, or pave driveway, we can make sure the surface is brightened and that all the algae is dealt with in a professional manner.

Reviews & Testimonials on Aqua Blast Pressure Washing in Toledo, OH

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